Welcome!! Thank you for visiting my page....Just to give you an update of my work and life...My latest Labor of Love, "Here's That Rainy Day" is now complete and is ready to be mastered, and then will be available through CD Baby...I have been wanting to do a recording like this for as long as I have been singing...This, being standard, jazz ballads, along with a few originals. I was able to make this CD in my music studio, using "Logic Pro" software and instruments. I feel so blessed to be able to do this, and to have someone in my life who is so supportive...I still continue to sing with Constance Whiteside and her group "Armonia Nova", whose focus is music of the Medieval thru the Baroque period...I will also be doing a concert to promote the new recording at "The Saphire Room", in Boise Idaho on May 5th....I have posted a few tracks from the CD...Click "Music" to listen... "Evensong", which is a collection of beautiful prayers and meditations, from the Medieval through the Contemporary era, is also available through www.cdbaby.com/coreymcknight3 "Warm Christmas Morning", which is a collection of Christmas favorites throughout the centuries, is also available ......Feel free to check out the reviews, browse and listen! "Links" will take you directly to the CD on CD Baby...www.cdbaby.com/coreymcknight "My Solitude" is still getting great reviews and was part of an Independent movie soundtrack called "The Books of John". It is also often used by spiritual healing organizations, such as "Mary's Hope Workshops", whose focus is specifically dedicated to dealing with childhood traumas. I can't tell you how rewarding it is knowing that my music is being utilized in this way...It's awesome! Thank you for your love and support... Love, Corey